Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Magnitude 3.4 Earthquake Hits CdeO

A 3.4-magnitude earthquake jolted Cagayan de Oro City on Wednesday evening, August 19, 2015, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) reported.

Epicenter of Wednesday's earthquake in Cagayan de Oro
According to the institute, the temblor hit at 11:50pm and centered at 17km northeast of the city. The tectonic quake had a depth of focus of 28km and was reportedly felt at Intensity III, which has the description below:
Weak - Felt by many people indoors especially in upper floors of buildings. Vibration is felt like one passing of a light truck. Dizziness and nausea are experienced by some people. Hanging objects swing moderately. Still water in containers oscillates moderately.
Phivolcs added that no damage nor aftershocks are to be expected from the quake based on historical data.

The Philippine Archipelago is part of the Ring of Fire, a vast area in the Pacific Ocean where continental plates collide causing frequent earthquakes. It had been reported that about 20 quakes strike the country each day but most of them are too weak to be felt. FULL STORY...

World's Biggest Anaconda Found In The Philippines?

A photo that claims to show the world's biggest anaconda snake that was purportedly caught in the Philippines has been circulating on Facebook recently.

World's Biggest Anaconda Found In The Philippines?
Its caption reads, "World's biggest anaconda snake found in the Philippines in Negros Island virgin forest river. It killed 752 human beings and thousands of animals. It is 135 feet and 3 inches long and about 3000 kilograms."

We believe the photo is fake and there is no truth about the claim since there is no anaconda in Philippine forests and rivers because the snake is endemic in South America. Additionally, if you take a closer look of the image, you can immediately tell that it was edited, and poorly edited at that. It has not been reported by news agencies as well.

We were curious where it was taken so we searched for the original photo in the interwebs and we found this. It looks like the person who edited the picture just mirrored the said photographed of an anaconda and attached it on the photo of the group of men.

As we always say here on Noypi Stuff, don't immediately believe what you see or read online and make sure that you check reliable sources before sharing them on your social media accounts. FULL STORY...

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